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Rancy Arora's Profile

Her Personal Details
Gender: F
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About User: I am a outgoing girl withcare for the planet, i am helpful,if there are problems you can come to me.yah, and i am an admirable girl but when you cross me, i can get nasty!
I am sweet, i think i am kind and gentle and love to have a good laugh.I abhor anyone judging me.I normally donot share my problem , I keep them to myself.My mood swings faster than you can think ,lol, yeah! i am happy enough the way i am. I am shy around people at first then i start to talk.
I am passionate about my beliefs and in the need for justice and fairness.
Her Education Details
School/ College: SVIET
Course Name: Btech
Completed in: 2015
Her Work Experience
Current Organization:
Working Since: 0